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Outdoor multi-tech PIR motion sensor for 90' distance?

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I am looking for a PIR motion sensor that I could wire into our Hikvision DVR. This motion sensor would be for monitoring a gate that is 75-90' away from where the sensor would be installed. From the point of intended installation, 90' makes it to the hinge of the gate (it is a swinging/articulating gate), and either 75' or 80' to the opening point/where the gate is locked. I want to cover the whole gate plus some.


I have sought high and low for a PIR motion sensor and am having difficulty as the ones that would work are not rated for outdoor use. For example: the https://us.boschsecurity.com/en/products/intrusionalarmsystems/detectorsandaccessories/motionpirmicrowave/motionpirmicrowave_products_54110 - Bosch DS720i Long Range TriTech PIR Detector (10.525 GHz).


The location of installation is underneath 4-6' of roof underhang. Rain does not reach this part, but fine mist with wind might. Snow fall would not reach this spot. I am not a professional but an amateur doing this the first time and enjoy challenges, learning, and DIY. I would like to learn more about this. I appreciate any help and advice that can be offered.

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Hi. Rain or snow does not have to have contact with sensor. .... so just sensor under cover will not help


I would forget trying to get a pir sensor to work at that distance.


I would look at GJD wireless pir heads. Very reliable and last 4 years on one 9v standard battery


Mount pir at your gate ..... set detection patern..... also control on and off and schedule from recorder



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