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DVR and NVR?

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I have been searching for about a month now for something that will give me live views of a DVR and NVR at the same time in the same window. Does such an animal exist


Digital Watchdog AONE8 6 TB HDD




Amcrest NVR 4ch 8TB HDD


Windows 10


All on the same network locally, same subnet, same dns, same everything except IP and MAC.


8 HD over analog coax cams on the Digital Watchdog


3 Amcrest POE IP cams and 1 Reolink PTZ POE IP cam on the Amcrest NVR


All I want to do is view them all in the same window instead of two on the PC.

Thx in advance!!

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As far as I can tell, they are exactly the same unless your talking about software on them.


A NVR is a network recorder, while a DVR is a digital video recorder, the NVR uses Cat 5 or 6 cable and puts your camera on though the network , while a standard DVR uses BNC cabling.

but visually your most likely talking about the software, theirs alot of people on youtube showing their video setup for their Dahua NVRS.

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my junior high math teacher would say that NVR is a subset of DVR, draw a circle in a circle, make them different colors.

wow you are a moron..

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