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New to RS485, how to pair Pan head with Zoom camera

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I have a generic camera with Sony CCD, it is a 30X optical power zoom 10X digital, with Auto focus and manual override through RS485, I also have an unbranded Pan head, also RS485, I plan to deploy this set atop my 55' tower on 120' of siameese RG6/Cat5 cabeling. So far I am able to Zoom and focus but I am unable to address the pan head. With the camera, I must pick a number for device ID, ie:0, 1, 2, 3, but the Pan head does not seem to have an ID, I have tried several different connections scheme's and yet I am unable to control the Pan head. since I have cat5 in the set up should I consider runing the RS485 for the Pan head on it's own pair? The Pan head is all metal, If I open it might I find dip switches? I was afraid to open for fear of damaging it. I was also hoping to be able to control the camera OSD menue over RS485 as well. I have had servelance cameras for decades, this is a first learning RS485. Any advice appreaited, thanks in advance, Logan..

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