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Help with Dahua VTO as SIP Server

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to deploy a Dahua system, interconnecting a VTO1210 and a VTH1510 and I'm having some some issues with the calls, maybe someone can help me:

I managed to establish a call between the two devices, if I call from the VTO to the VTH I have video, but no sound (also unlocking the door is working). I tried to solve the problem by uploading a SIP firmware to both boxes, but with the same results...

Can't find in internet someone that has the same problem that I have so I'm stuck here. Made a packet sniffing into the switch and I can see that, when the call is established, RTP and RTCP packets flow one way to another, but still no sound. Does anybody know where's the problem?


Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks!


P.D: Also, I can't find the firmware in the Dahua website, is there another reliable source where I can get it?

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Well look here for SIP: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=52356&hilit=VTO

If you want only to use Dahua-Components you don't need SIP-Firmware


And here you can find Firmware: ftp://ftp.asm.cz/Dahua/kamerove_systemy/_Firmware/06VDP/


Many thanks! I will restore the VTO to the default firmware again... I guess the lack of sound was a hardware problem, I tried with another VTO and it worked perfectly!

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