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Newbie/home owner trying to set a "hybrid" system

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been lurking a bit around here and basically sniping my wheels looking thru vendors websites, and it has been very hard and confusing figuring out things, hence coming here looking for help.

A good system will cost money, that I already figure out as much, and although I don't live in a dark street, and installed a superbright led Defiance light, if the camera cannot capture with proper definition, then it is a useless system. IMO


I looked at Bosch, and right away my wife put the brakes on my thoughts of spending way over $500/$600....

so basically I could go with one starlight - Bosch FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 7000 VR being sold at discounted price ( just need to by mounting case) or go for a Lorex system like this one:



what I was thinking would be to combine the bosch starlight above with a different lorex system:

this one



this way I could cover completly my front yard - corners and center, and still have a night vision capable camera, that is if indeed the boasch can be connect to the lorex dvr...

can find any answer for a setup like this..

any help, guidance will be highly appreciated.




House details:

25'x25' wide/long driveway + 6 ft sidewalk + 30 feet wide street with 30' high street light across

35' wide lawn, by 30 long - from house corner to side fence is about 14 feet or so

security light above garage doors/driveway center

- my setup idea:

one camera at northern corner, the bosch at the center(past the driveway) and a third camera at the house southern corner


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thanks for the reply

I went ahead and got the Bosch domes, as was getting no replies

I think I got a great price for the set ($400), and they are as brand new, just old stock. Struggling a little bit with installation and such, but I am almost there - need to find a 2.5mm jack cable to an lcd screen/tablet usb port connection, so I can setup cameras.


Will be using my old HP workstation with windows 7, and two HD - one regular and a purple/security type. Just not sure yet about the recording modes;

is there a cheap or free software that allows 24/7 recording? Bosch gives the viewing one for free, but I don't think it allows for a full recoring capabilities.


Thanks for the info - they look good, but don't seem to have the much of low light ability as the bosch.

eventually I might add up two more cameras, and these two could be a good choice, as I don't like so much the Arlo pro II at Best Buy

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