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Inexpensive camera - notifications when motion NOT detected

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Hello, I am hoping for recommendations for the lowest cost and most reliable camera I can get that has the following features:

1. Transmits via wifi - does not need hard wiring to the internet

2. Has iPhone app for managing/configuring alerts, checking camera status etc

3. Sends email alerts or at least some kind of notification (app alert, SMS etc)

4. The notification rules can be configured so that I get an email alert (or some other kind of notification) when motion is NOT detected once (or twice) a day at the zone where the camera is pointed ... preferably with rules about time periods, eg "If no motion between 0700 and 1000, or no motion between 1400 and 2200, then ..."

5. Does not involve a subscription


I live about 200 miles from my elderly mother and feature 4 is the driving force for my asking the question. If (with her permission of course) I set up the camera in her kitchen, and she does not use the kitchen at least once during a day, I'll know there's a problem and can take action.


I have tried to persuade her to wear a security alarm button, which of course would be much better, but so far without success. An inexpensive camera seems like a good route to pursue.


Of course, there are plenty of expensive systems, hence feature 5 and the request for something that is low cost - say, less than $200?


Picture quality is ironically unimportant; I doubt I'll be looking at the footage very much at all.

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I do not think such a camera exists.


Also, the camera's motion sensor will be affected when the sun rises and sets, which could make it not reliable.



Are you any good with programming?

If yes, there might be a better solution for you.


Get a PIR detector (commonly used in burglary alarm), an Arduino and either a GSM module (requires GSM card tho) or LAN module.

Make a counter on the arduino that resets every time the motion sensor (PIR detector) triggers. If counter reaches x amount (let's say 24 hours), send message through GSM/LAN module.


Easy if you know Arduino beforehand.

Managable if you know some programming.

A difficult challenge if you don't know any programming at all.


Many PIRs has elaborate functions you don't need in this case. Get a simple one with a latching output.


I reccommend the Uno, as it's cheap, easy and most examples use it


GSM module can send text messages to your phone, but needs a subscription. Many phone companies offer a second or third SIM card that can used for this.


I know you said WIFI, but I prefer cable wherever possible.


WIFI is sometimes included on the microprocessor.



To learn programming with Arduino, https://www.arduino.cc/ is a good place to start.

Download the software, look at the examples, check examples on the net and implement your own code.

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Hi. Forget about all the Arduino crap. Talk about keeping things simple


Camera location 200 mile away


For elderly person in her 90s


Clouds don’t effect motion if camera is indoors.



A cost effective way is to use something simple


The ring doorbell does not only have to be on outside of door .... you can install it inside the home as well ...... and in fact can do 3 useful things for you


Send snap shots to you on motion


Allow you to hear and talk to her


And like you said she will not use a panic button bracelet but just by her pushing the ring button you will then have a video sent and can communicate with each other if she has a problem


All 3 are separate functions...... snap shots sent when movement


Video sent when button is pushed


And two way audio when you connect



Full WiFi mains or battery operated


Good simple way ..... and under your budget

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Thanks, but to note I'm looking for alerts when motion is NOT detected according to configurable rules - can the Ring Door Bell (or Ring Camera) do that?

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Set up in the kitchen is only going to send you a few notifications a day...... it’s still doing the same think ...... no pictures will be a problem.


Alerts when making breakfast dinner evening meal ..... gives you a pattern which is better. .... ok you get a few snap shots a day with no cost you just delete them

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