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Opinions - Does this matter? Camera Power Accessible

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I'm looking to set up the A-Zone 4 Channel Wireless Security System for my home. My biggest concern is regarding the camera that will be servicing the front door. Our entrance way is pretty short and a 6'3'' person could hop up and grab the camera pretty easily.


Also, for ease of installation, I'd like to just drop the power supply down the wall to the outlet by the front door. This would make the power supply plug accessible to a would be criminal. I'm contemplating purchasing an outlet box that locks to help with this situation. The power cord could still be snipped though.


What are yall's opinion on this? Would it be too late for the perpetrator anyway since the camera would have caught him walking up?


Just looking for some opinions from the pros!





PS. Also when it comes to our back door; would it be better to point the camera so that it catches them walking up to the door, or so that the door is in frame and the camera catches them walking to the door from behind?

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