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[Help} Need Advice/Guidance on a Home Surveillance System

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Hi All, I am looking for a surveillance system for my home. I started researching but quickly got in over my head. From what I've read Dahua and Hikvision are very reputable and offer essential plug and play systems. However, Ive also read that you get much better quality if you design and build a system of your own. Axis cameras and Milestone Software seemed to be highly recommend. If I were to go this route, what are the other essential equipment required?


This will be my first system and I would like to learn as much as possible versus hiring a company to install one for me. That way I am able to quickly troubleshoot the system if needed. If anyone could point me in the right direction or link a "beginners guide" that would be very helpful.


My budget is roughly $2000, but I'm willing to go up a little if needed.


The main things that I would like:


4-8 cameras


1. The cameras need to be durable, I live in a fairly hot and humid environment and prone to hurricanes.

2. High resolution, especially at night. The property is fairly dimly lit so strong night vision is a necessity.

3. Motion sensor detection, not sure if this is more software related or hardware?


I am looking forward to hearing recommendations and advice, thank you for your time.

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