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New guy From Central Calif.

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Hello all, as ya can see by my username I am Bill.

I got on here after searching for a month for a good security camera system for my home, My wife and I live alone since the kids are all gone now, and to be honest this town is going to crap in a handbasket quickly.

Last year a new family moved in about 100 yards away, and so far they had a driveby shooting at them because they apparently burglarized a house in another town and the owners were pissed and decided to shoot at them.

And being in a farming community this place goes to total hell during the summer.

Welcome to Oakdale Previous home of Hershey's Chocolate Factory.


I am wanting to put up domes and bullets around the house mainly to watch the street since I am on a corner, and also going to try to find a good PTZ dome to mount on the top corner of my roof.

Thanx for any info or pointers y'all send my way.

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