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CCTV for artist

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Hello all, i am an artist in the UK and want to use CCTV as part of an installation.


Basically, i want to have the CCTV pointing at some stairs, with the feed playing on an old TV round the corner, but on a delay. Say 20 seconds delay perhaps.


Is that possible? And if so, what equipment do i need?


Many thanks in advance.

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This is not an answer to your question, but it's something some artist somewhere can use:


this very inexpensive camera:




Is an infrared camera. there is a glass filter on the back of the lens. if you remove this lens by shattering it out of existence or if you use a different lens, you get a CCTV camera that produces results between those of B&W and color IR film. I have a regular CCD cam and one of these side by side. Both have blue skies, one has green trees, one looks like it just snowed


if that ebay address goes sour, search for


UPC: 190268124935

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