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HIKVISION - lags found in recorded material

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Hi All,


I have 26 units of IP cameras HIKVISION connected to single NVR 32 channel.

Viewing is fine via iVMS4200 client.

However I have an issue with recording result, for some reaosn, the recorded video has a lot lags/delays its vary from 1secod to few minutes.

I have checked and ensure that the it recoding CONTINUOUSLY and not MOTION.

I can access the NVR via iVMS, web browser, but I prefer to to recording setting directly at NVR.

Can you tell me what could be wrong? I also sets the MAINTSTREAM video recording resolution to HD 1028x720.


Please your advice.



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Record for a while (even one minute, five minutes, whatever) just one single channel that is currently giving you problems on playback, while all the other channels do not record at all, and see if it playbacks fine.


If you are recording 26ch CONTINUOUSLY you might have a bottleneck on your HD recording speed, if you are trying to write to it more data than it can handle.

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