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  1. Hello. Have you tried booting the device with the network cable disconnected?
  2. GadgetAssistant

    SAMSUNG HD E-VIEWER disconnected when using 4G network

    Is the connection on wifi made from the DVR's QR code or by using the DVR's LAN IP?
  3. GadgetAssistant

    purple image IP8332

    Hello. What happens when you shine a flashlight right into the camera's light sensor?
  4. GadgetAssistant

    TCP , UDP , HTTP OR RTSP to use with DVR & router

    I do not have enough information to give a specific answer, but previous experience makes me consider the following possibilities: RTSP may allow a remote connection to the DVR speaker through which to speak; HTTP may allow connection to a web page hosted by the DVR; TCP and UDP may individually or jointly be used to remotely connect to the camera or video recorder using a phone or tablet app.
  5. GadgetAssistant

    TCP , UDP , HTTP OR RTSP to use with DVR & router

    Hello. Forwarding the port defined on your DVR using the TCP option on the router should allow you to send video out of your local network. Some routers will group TCP/UDP together and that should work, too. HTH.
  6. GadgetAssistant

    Help 163DVR model R2008

    Hello. I was wondering if you tried connecting the DVR to a different monitor? Also, a DVR of this vintage may have come with an RCA cable that would allow you to connect it to a TV giving you one more option for display. If the manufacturer gets back to you, ask them if there is a way to reset the DVR to default using its remote. Lastly, and more importantly, I can't seem to get 'Brick by brick' out of my head now...
  7. GadgetAssistant

    Geovison Error

    Hello. Do you recall the last time the DVR's hard drive was reformatted? If not, it may be time to consider it. Bear in mind that if you do choose to reformat, it will delete all the videos that were previously recorded.
  8. GadgetAssistant

    Mvpower th-7108he password

    Hello. Just curious if you have tried '12345' as the password?
  9. GadgetAssistant

    QVIS Terminator HDD

    Hello. You may also need to replace the power adapter. It may be wise to get one that supplies more amps. A DVR that reboots or boot loops is showing that it is having power issues. It would also be a good idea to make sure that the new hard drive itself working ok.
  10. GadgetAssistant

    Bosch PTZ Autodome Easy - no operation?

    Hello. The dip switches will usually define the camera's address. Address 1 is usually set by default. The channel to which the camera is connected to may have to have that address defined as its own number. If you do not have the PTZ camera connected to channel 1, then you may need to set the channel's PTZ address to match the camera's. Other than that, make sure the paired wires are connected the same to the camera and at the DVR.
  11. GadgetAssistant

    Unable to playback camera footage

    Hello. Have you considered trying to reformat or replace the SSD card?
  12. OK. So, if the old network cable was working, can you try reconnecting the DVR to the router with the old cat6 patch?
  13. Hello. Make sure you did not connect the camera adapter to the DVR when you replaced the one camera to another spot. If that is not the case, you may want to consider that it is time to replace the DVR power adapter. A failing power adapter can cause the DVR to fail to record or freeze up or randomly restart.
  14. GadgetAssistant

    Unstable network using IP camera

    Oh. Sorry I assumed this was a wifi setup. My next guess, in your case, would be that there may be an issue with power to the cameras. The fact that the issue seems to be exacerbated when the LED's are activated also points to that. If the cameras have a power input separate from the POE connection use that from a power outlet close to the camera, If your cable run is really long, attenuation may prevent enough power from getting to the camera. If your cable run is not very long then try a new power adapter for the NVR.
  15. GadgetAssistant

    Unstable network using IP camera

    Hello. Simplest thing to try is placing the NVR and camera antennae in different positions and see if that improves stability. Other things to consider are to move the NVR closer to the camera (or at least the antenna). You might check with the manufacturer and see if they recommend some sort of signal booster or repeater that can reside between the NVR and camera.