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I have a Jooan DVR JA-7216N-US with this date 20151217, and I just forgot the password to get in. I tried everything I know.


Can anyone help me to get access with a master password or root password?




Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!

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I found the solution.


Entering by telnet, calling the DVR IP, in my case

Then log on as:

user: root

password: xc3511


This worked for me, if not try these ones:


root xmhdipc

root klv123

root xc3511

root 123456

root jvbzd

default OxhlwSG8

defaul tlJwpbo6

defaul S2fGqNFs

root hi3518





Then I just remove my two user accounts, as described on this video:



I turned off and on my dvr and BINGO!!!!



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