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Hello all from Indiana

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New guy from Indiana here. I am a low voltage tech ( 30 yrs ) working mainly on life safety systems in healthcare facilities. began in matv,catv,satellite / home theater system installation in the mid 80's. From there moved to residential security system installation then in the late 90's moved to commercial systems (fire alarm, nurse call , exit control /access control and cctv) mainly in long term healthcare facilities.

In the last couple years we have began installing ip camera systems (as the systems are now priced competitively with analog systems) I am by no means an it whiz but am learning more with each system.

I have been lurking around the forum for a bit gaining alot of knowledge from many of the threads .I will try to not ask a bunch of questions before searching first.

well, a bit lengthy for an intro ....thanks in advance as i am sure i will have many questions to come ...lol

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