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Turret camera with Audio in?

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Hi All


About 3 years ago I fitted a Hikvision NVR and 4 Hik DS-2CD2132F-IS dome cams. I have been extremely pleased with its performance exept ONE thing.


Being outside the cams suffer from the usual IR nighttime reflections in the rain making the picture sometimes illegible (done all the suggested things re the foam seal etc but its an inherrant fault of these domes....should have done more research re domes outside.


SO one by one, as funds allow, I am replacing them with turret (pig nose) ones.


I fitted a Hik 5MP one last week and it is MUCH better not showing any reflections at night


BUT 2 of my older dome cams (1 front and 1 back) I have fitted a mic to with great success...its just a cheap £5 thing from Ebay but works great...passive... no power needed and it's so sensitive you can hear what people are saying as they walk past the house...not that I do but its a useful feature to have.


The Hik domes have an audio I/O facility as well as an alarm output (which I dont use)


I haven't been able to find a Hik Turret though with audio in ....also looked at the Uniview range and that's the same,,,cant find a turret with audio for a mic.


I have come across a Dahua turret one which looks ok and is half the price and has a built in mic but not sure on compatibility with my Hik NVR (DS-7604NI-SE/P) but might be worth a punt at £50ish


Would prefer to stick with Hik if poss though so just wondered does anyone know of a Hik or Uniview (UNV) or any other make (other than the Dahua with built in mic I mentioned) with an audio in facility?


Thanks in advance



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Can I ask why it needs to be a hikvision camera .... only difference is the name printed on it . As far as performance there the same.


ADE will have the turret cams in talk to them


Also what spec is your nvr ... changing from 3mp to 5mp might be over its limit

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Hi Tom


Thanks for the reply


It doesnt have to be Hik hence me asking about 'any other make' Am intereseted in any turrest with audio in but have only found the Dahua.


The NVR seems to cope ok with the 5MP Hik turret I fitted last week and the picture is better than my existing 3MP domes which are still pretty good but 3MP would also be fine


Have looked at the spec on the NVR and it lists compatibilty with lots of cams (inc 5MP) but most of the makes I havnt heard of and cant find for sale online


Just searched for ADE and came up with a couple of companies ...one was 'source security' is this the one?





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