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Cable on back of the camera is cut, 2 red and 2 black wires

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I had a Swann camera bullet 650 TVL that was not working . My builder cut the cable on the back of the camera. I have access to the cut cable that is inside the wall, but cannot pull the BNC and power connector out (not sure why) If I could, I would just replace the camera. So as of right now I have two ends of the cable and would like to solder them up to hopefully get the camera to work again. The issue I have is the colors of the wires. There are 2 red wires, 2 black wires and a yellow. How can I tell which 2 reds and 2 blacks go together? This just happens to be my most important camera placement and there is no way to get the cable inside the wall without tearing out sheetrock and insulation in the ceiling of my newly constructed home.



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Yellow wire - video

Red wire - camera +ve

Red wire IR +ve ( both go to power so are essentially the same)

Black wire - camera -ve

Black wire - IR -ve (again both black wires are essentially the same)

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