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Problem with camera that keeps going In and Out???

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Hello, looking for any ideas with this situation. I will give a little background first!


I have been installing cameras for 6 years and this little problem is very annoying, so I thought I might get some ideas from the great minds here!


(Problem 1) I have a 16 camera 2MP HD over coax system. They are all powered in a 18-port power box. All cameras were working great for 4 months. Now Cam14 will every couple days get horizontal lines in it and be black and white, the lines are jumping so you can barely see the image in the background. The cable is a straight run around 350 feet, with compression end on camera side and screw on end at DVR side. I can reset DVR or cut power to on/off to camera and it will work fine for another couple days. I have replaced coax end on camera side and it did not help? Any ideas?


(Problem2) On the same system above, I have Cam8, that has now started to flash on and off? The video will come in clear, couple seconds later it will get blurry, go black, then come back on and repeat. This cable run is about 400 feet, but it has a BNC to BNC splitter about 60 foot after leaving the camera. It was a camera that was moved to a location further away and we used the existing coax that was already run to the DVR? Funny thing is, the camera will start working by itself sometimes and last a couple days before it does it again, very strange? I was thinking the splitter could be the problem? Any ideas?


Thanks for any help!

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I would try to eliminate the splitter even if you have to cut the cable and reterminate the coax so you have a straight through connection. any connector is a potential source of signal loss or problems. I would take the other camera and put it on a seperate power supply and see if that helps. It sounds like you have checked the BNC connectors but did you check the connections on the power supply and the camera?

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