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i have a problem with DVR networking

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hello everyone , glad to be here at first


then i have a problem with my new Chinese DVR , the problem is that i was have 3 DVRs Dahua mark , they was connected together in local network to finally show in my computer in one application called "smart pss" when i changed one of them to a new chinese one called MJK

i failed too add the device into the app , always show : login timedout

however all input setting is correct such as IP address , port no. , user name , password

i don't know if there a problem with the application , tried to use CMS application , it successfully added the 2 dahua DVRs but failed to add MJK dvr

is there something missing and how to fix the problem

i want the final result is to have all DVRs together on my computer screen


thanks to all of u

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Smart PSS works with Dahua units.


MJK CMS software works with MJK units.


can u plz give me the download link for this application ?

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