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Hikvision NVR and ONVIF Samsung camera help

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Could not find an issue similar to what I have, really hope someone here could answer me or at least point in the right direction.


What I have:

-Hikvision NVR DS-7732NI-I4 / Firmware 3.4.82 build 161214 / Encoding 5.0 build 160815

-Various Hikvision cameras

-4 Samsung SNB-5003 cameras / Firmware 1.12 131031 ONVIF version 2.10

-1 Samsung SNB-5003 camera / Firmware 3.07 171101 ONVIF version 17.06


After installing the NVR and making all the settings changes, I am getting all Hikvision cameras without any issues. Samsung cameras are added as ONVIF with management port 80. They all added without an issue. After NVR reboot, or after camera disconnection, all Samsung cameras are showing as: "Offline (Parameter Error)" in web UI.

In iVMS-4200 they got the error "Failed to get Stream. Start Reconnection. Error Code iVMS-4200.exe[302]". Same issue with all 5 Samsung cameras.


Now here is the weird part. When I pick one of the 5 cameras in NVRs web UI, go to Modify and in Management Port put any other port instead of default ONVIF 80, the camera comes online and works fine until NVR reboot or camera disconnection for any reason. The port is always 80, no matter what I changed it before. This is the only way to bring the cameras up.


I tried the ONVIF Device Manager tool and got live video RTSP stream. In web UI picked custom protocol, put all the settings and the cameras show as "online" after reconnection as RTSP, on port 554. Problem is, I am not getting an image, just a black screen both in main and sub streams. Changed the settings around, protocols etc., no change.


The Samsung cameras open and work fine when connection directly to their IP address. Open fine in ONVIF Device Manager. No changes where made to any image or network settings. They all got static IPs in same network with NVR. The 5 cameras work fine when opened from a different PC using the 3xLogic software. The issue I described occurs in Hikvision NVR.


What else can I try? Did anyone experience similar issue? I just can't understand why after NVR boot the 5 cameras show as offline but after changing to any port in ONVIF settings in Camera Management they connect and work as they should, without any issues.

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I am having the same issue with a 7708 DVR with oncam Evo 05 cameras, they connect for about 30 minutes then throw an error message and stop recording, everything is fine with the camera and it is still accessable from the IP address. The camera is connected through the onvif protocol. It is connected to a poe switch instead of the connections on the rear of the DVR.

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