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Bosch PTZ Autodome Easy - no operation?

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Looking for some tips on getting this PTZ camera working - model VEZ-011-HWCS. I am using it with a Pacom DVR which has RS485. I am getting video fine but no PTZ control. The DVR's software has one listing for Bosch - an Autodome - and I have this set to 9600bd, 8 bits, 1 stop bit and no parity - which is the default in the software. Software is set to ID 1 and camera is the same - sw1 on all others off - 9 is on and 0 is off/ biphase switched on..Also sw601/termination set to on - The on-screen controls do not control and function. Now .... I may have made a boo-boo - and hope I have not fried any internals - when first connectiong the biphase wires from the camera to the DVR IU had them reversed ... + and - back to front - for just a moment. Yeah I know .... always check and re-check - have been doing electronics for decades and is my number one rule. I guess the black wire on the camera being + and not - threw me and I may have upset an onbaord IC??? Any comments - apart from what a doofus! I got the camera in a deal for three DVR's and the camera for $100 - so not a lot invested - but would still ike to have the PTZ function working on the camera - rather than just mounting it as it is as a still.







darn - can admin possibly delete the second of this post - I managed to double post - whooops.


also - I see there is a more appropriate forum - cameras - is it possible for me to move this message there? I read that I am only to post to one section at a time - suggestions anyone??

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Try a different protocol and baud rate on both camera software and PTZ.


Pelco D @ 2400 baud rate is pretty much standard on most DVR's that can support PTZ's


Good Luck!

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