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Advice for outside PoE cameras and software

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Hi all,


I'm looking for a home system that will run on my Win 10 PC at home. It runs 24/7. I've been looking on multiple sites to try to find compatible products, but there is so much confusion out there that I thought I'd try asking in a forum. Hopefully I can get some help here.


What I'm looking for is the following:


3 (maybe 4) Wall-mounted cameras



Colour + Night Vision

Don't need zoomable

Preferably dome for neatness

Detection areas to be set up

HD (1080p or above)


I'm happy to pay for software as long as I can be confident the cameras will work with it. I'd like to have the option of emails for certain situations such as intruder detection.


I asked a network guy who installs CCTV and he recommended these: http://in.dahuasecurity.com/in/products/ipc-hdw4431m-3501.html but he also included a NVR (the Dahua DHI-NVR4104), which I don't want, as I'd rather use my PC.


However, if his advice is sound, I'm willing to reconsider letting him do this, even though the cost would be far higher.


Any advice welcome.


Cheers, Paul

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chubbey, your guy recommended good cameras. The eyeball/turrets are the better ones, domes often have problems with ir bleed and bullet style have spider web problems. I would look at the 2mp Dahua starlight cameras, excellent night vision and a good bang for your buck.

You are aware your pc will need to be on all the time and will be as reliable as Windows itself?

I use a dedicated computer with Blue Iris software. If using Blue Iris make sure your computer has the cpu to run those 4 cameras, an old core 2 won't do it.

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Hi 51cent,


Thanks for the reply; it's much appreciated.


So either this 2mp: http://in.dahuasecurity.com/in/products/ipc-hdw5231r-z-3651.html or the 4mp: http://in.dahuasecurity.com/in/products/ipc-hdw5431r-z-3661.html would be what to get? I assume both would work with Blue Iris?


The PC is an Intel i5 4670 @ 3.4GHz / 8GB RAM / SSD and good graphics card. It's a home theatre PC so it's on all the time.


I've attached an image of where I want the initial (test) camera to go. I was thinking of putting it where the red dot is, and I want it to point down so that at the bottom of the view would be the windows and door but also angled so that as much of the rest of the area is covered. Does this look good to you, and would I need the wall mount bracket: http://in.dahuasecurity.com/in/products/pfb203w-1044.html ?




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The 2mp camera has a much better lux (low light ) rating. You can compare lux ratings between the same brand of cameras, but not between different brands, there is no real standard. You can google for Dahua starlight video comparisons to see the difference.

Both will work with BlueIris. The processor looks very good, but BlueIris is designed to work best with Intel graphics, no need for added graphics.

Mounting a camera up to high might hinder facial recognition if a hat is worn.

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