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viewing over a vpn opinions

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we have 2 locations. locally we have 40 cameras up and running and can view them with no problems over the LAN with nmvs7000 client. Our remote location has just been upgraded to 72 cameras. The boss wants to be able to view the cameras at the remote location but the vpn can only handle about 18mb and the cameras max out and latency jumps to over 200 and 2/3 of the cameras pop offline. What are my options?


I know I can do the following but not sure what the recommended way is.


1. open firewall and allow access via the internet instead of VPN. we have 300 down and 50 up

2. setup a computer at the remote location and install a remote desktop on it so the only data coming over is 1 screen.

3. not sure on this one but setup a streaming server at the remote location and run that over the vpn.


I hope this is enough info to go on. If you need more please ask and I will provide what I know. If anyone has other ideas please let me know.




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