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Geovision 8.7.4 keeps crashing when adding Hikvision 5.5.x

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Hi All,


We are trying to finish a install, and have to incorporate 4 existing Hikvision cameras, we installed a 3rd part USB 4 port dongle, and are adding the hikvision as Onvif protocol, when adding 5.4.x firmware cameras no problem, but as soon as we try to add a camera with 5.5.x firmware the geovision software will crash and restart.


Initially we though may be the cameras were defective, so we bought 2 more from local ADI, but the results were same, I contacted Hikvision support and they tried various settings but same results, so long story short they told us that Geovision has the issue in there software.


Has anyone here on the forum faced similar issues is there like a patch available, I search geovision support forums but did not find any solution.


Will appreciate any reply.



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