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Camera makes No Video frequently

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Hi All,

I am a new member of CCTV Forum.

I have Hikivsion 7208HQH1 DVR and DS-2CE16D0T-IRP cameras installed at my home in India.

Everything was working perfectly.

Suddenly one of the camera (A5) stopped showing video. The screen says no video, but IR LEDs are glowing on camera. After two days it started working without doing anything. And it was running for 1 week and the same thing happened. It stops working and then starts working after sometime.


I checked the power at camera end, it was fine.

I changed BNC and DC connectors at both ends, camera started working, and stopped after 2 days.

I changed the port of camera dc connector on powersupply, same result.

I changed cable.. same result.

Finally I bought a new camera and fixed at same location (A5) and installed the problematic camera at a new locatoin (A7). A5 is working without any problem, but A7 makes the same problem.. So I finalized that it is problem with camera. I contacted with HikVision, they asked me to change cable, connector, etc.. I said I did it already.

I am ready to send it to service center, but the problem is if they connect it, it will work for few days without any problem, and they will return it without fixing it.




Is there anything I can do from my side, with the help of esteemed forum members?


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