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IVMS-4200 PCNVR reconnect hard disk

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I am currently running 25 cameras on IVMS-4200 PCNVR with a 24 TB USB 3.1 raid and get about 40 days of recorded data. A few days ago, possibly after a power failure, the software's connection to the disk seemed to be lost, and the recordings stopped. The raid is healthy, and the previous 40 days of recordings are on it, but it now shows as non-allocated in the software. How can I reconnect the drive to the software so that I will be able to easily browse my recordings, I don't want to have to open them all, 1 at a time, to identify them?





P. S. I contacted Hikvision tech support, and because I import my cameras directly from China, they want nothing to do with me.

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