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New guy needs help

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Hi guys,


A few years ago my dad had a questionable guy install an "HD" system, Im not happy with the resolution/quality of this system, keeps malfunctioning and can't identify faces and license plates at 50 feet away which is how far the street is from my front door..


I want to replace this system with a 4K system, I've been looking at Lorex's "noctournals" line which advertises 250 ft nightvision and 175 ft color nightvision at 4k resolution, it says you can clearly identify faces at 75 feet and so on.


There are 2 packages, the first one is more expensive but the cameras seem better quality, it comes with 4 bullets and 4 domes, the domes have microphones for audio recording


My uncle found a guy who said he'll install, new wiring, programming for $1,200, is that fair?


Here are the 2 systems, please let me know what you guys think, I really appreciate your feedback and advice!







Thank you!!

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I would take the distance quoted for IR and image as maximum and figure that the mfg claims are likely to be a bit wrong. Keep in mind that getting license plate info is often complicated and requires special cameras and software. Check this forum for several dicussions about license plate viewing.

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