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Newbie Help - Camera Type and Location Advice

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Hi all


My car has been keyed twice in the last 6 months (dozens of cars on our street £000's damage) and I want to catch this tw@t. Plus my neighbour directly opposite had her gate and wall demolished after a drunk driver side swiped cards and ended up in her front yard...... i digress....


So I have taken a few pics that I hope will help the awesome community on this site advice the best solution. I am an IP pro with a trade account so I will use the latest Hikvision cams, the tech side I am sorted with - its the location/installation side I am asking for help.


For an idea of lens requirements, I have posted an image from a DS-2CD2085FWD-I bullet cam with a 2.8mm lens. This is just a test and its located in the 1st floor room behind a window (*just a test* i am aware that the IRs do not work behind window due to reflection, and also its focused on the window sill and not the road).


So one option is a 2.8mm dome cam in the centre of the property (illustrated in one of the attached images) which would be wide enough to capture the front of property, but I dont think that is really sufficient as my car (the black one in image) is not always parked there, its a busy road so can be further along either direction on same street.


So the other option as I see it is two bullet cameras at about 45 degrees (facing each other so there is no blind spot) on the front of the house would really stand out and I dont want to be 'that guy with all the cameras on his house'.


But I do not see where else on the front of the property I could locate them inconspicuously - (1) under the eaves would that be too far away to capture detail such as a face would you say? (2) Or under the ledge above the door, but not sure there is enough room there and cable routing into the 1st floor room might be a pain - can you fit two cables into one junction box?


Final question is about rain, we get a lot in the UK! Will I need rain shades for the dome or the bullets due to water on the dome/bullet lens? Or is that not too much of an issue due to it being so close to the lens? The official Hikvision rain shade sticks out 18 cm so its very conspicuous i would say.


Thanks for any advice.


Front 1 307508_1.jpg

Front 2 307508_2.jpg

Front closer 307508_3.jpg

Test cam 307508_4.jpg

Possible locations? 307508_5.jpg


All images: https://imgur.com/a/JQ1u4T0

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To find optimal camera locations and to simulate 3D view that takes your camera installation height in consideration you can use a trial version of IP Video System Design Tool. It will also show you zones of identification (250PPM), recognition (125PPM), e.t.c

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