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Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-F1N Hacked ?

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Hello, can someone tell me if this device was hacked?

I have on the device the last current FW loaded, the recorder reboots at irregular intervals constantly new and in the log is an "illegal shotdown" several times to see, after which the recorder via the Internet is no longer responsive, I have only port 8000 does not release the HTTP port or the steaming port.

Can who confirm that this device is a hack? What I also noticed is that illegal log in attempts have been made at least 20x piece where I have set that after 3 failed attempts for 3600 seconds no dial-up is possible.


Everything is very funny so I think that the device was hacked.


At the place where he always stood the problem occurred a few weeks ago, I took the recorder with me to my location and there for 2 days to run trial, here I could not see an illegal shotdown in the log, then I put the recorder back to where he has run so far, within 24 hours I had again illegal shot downs in the log, but I could still access the device via ivms PC version and a short time later I see the recorder no longer in the net from the outside.

The only way to gain access from a distance is to take it completely from the power supply and then it can be addressed again for a short time before it disappears from the network.


I have already asked my dealer about this problem and they want to forward it to Hikvision, but it takes too much time!


What I have also seen, the recording was in this time partly for more than 2h not executed and the rest of the time is sometimes more times with gaps afflicted, then again for 3 hours completely flawless in the reproduction.


But where is this illegal shotdown ???

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Ich schreibe jetzt mal in deutsch, also das Gerät wurde nicht gehackt, es hat einen Fehler, nun wird es im Rahmen der Garantie komplett getauscht.

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