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neighbor scratching my car

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Hello folks. I live in a townhouse with two units and an assigned parking space next to that of my neighbor. He has been scratching the passenger side of my car for a while. I warned him before which didn't change his habit of swinging doors wide open. I recently installed a small armcrest wifi camera at the top of the backdoor, but due to the angle (I can't install it anywhere else, unfortunately), I am not sure whether the footage could be used as an evidence in an insurance or small claims case. I am uploading one of the videos where he is seen opening the backdoor of his car right into the quarterpanel of my car. Now there is a scuff right on the gas lid of my car.


I guess there are more experienced CCTV people here, could you please check the video in the below link and let me know if you think this could act as an evidence?




Thank y'all.

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the link does not work. I hope you have solved your problem. I would have used fish eye lens or some mirror system.


I work for The Home Security Superstore selling pretty useful stuff

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