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** Which NVR Brand can be recommended **

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Hello all

I am not that familiar with CCTV setup but after a major fail with an Alteq NVR I am looking to buy a new setup.


Can anyone recommend a brand that offers really good features and has a good support service?


I want options like remote viewing of my property, motion detection, some sort a notification service. Have I missed off any features that these devices offer that are a must?


The reason I mentioned the support option is because when I researched Alteq (the original NVR I got) I couldn’t find anything like guides, software, etc.


The setup I am after is an 8 channel IP NVR with PoE, 2-3 TB HDD, 5 x IP Dome (grey) cameras and the features I mentioned above + any I missed.


I live in the Uk area the Leeds / York area. I was recommended the Qvis Viper so far but I couldn’t say if it good or bad.


Any help / Advice will be appreciated



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