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Problems with Amcrest 1080p

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I have the 1080P 4 channel wired system. Installed it several years ago, never could get it to work properly so I turned it off after a few months. I am now trying to get it to work and have talked with tech support a total of 6 times over the years and they have not been able to help. Last guy I spoke with said he could not help with the "delay".


Problem is, the system sends hundreds of email notifications daily with photos and about 90% of the time there is nothing in the photo (when there is, it is usually a moth). When I pull in my driveway, it usually sends a pic but not when I walk by any of the three outdoor cameras (even if I stay in the camera view for more than 5 seconds). I've had multiple packages delivered to my front door, but the front door camera never takes a pic of a person (I have a 15' walkway at the front door, so there should be plenty of time). Nor does it ever take a photo of a person walking from the street, up my 40' driveway to the home.


I've played with the region, sensitivity and threshold but I feel like I'm throwing darts with a blindfold with the latter two. Anti-dither is set to the minimum (5 sec). Any suggestions?

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