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Newbie to CCTV forum needs help

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Hi, I've had an 8-camera cctv setup (NightOwl) at my home for the past 14+ years. I've updated dvrs several times. I always had used plug & play method of connection, but one camera is around 160' from the dvr and I had a lot of problems getting a good picture. 1 1/2 year ago I switched to CAT5 cable (outdoor), and video baluns. About a month ago a mouse chewed through the cable shorting things out. I ran some much better CAT5 cable (23 gauge and with a better shielding) to out back but I haven't been able to get the camera working. I am using a wall wart transformer (12.6v) and that is what is going out. I am getting 11.95volts at the camera and that is after doubling the + and - power twisted pairs. On that last cable which was thinner I had only run one twisted pair for the camera and one for power but it worked fine for that 1 1/2 year.

Can someone help me with suggestions as to how I can get this going? I have ordered new outdoor waterproof baluns. Do I have enough power reaching the camera at 11.95v? This is the only CAT5 camera. The outlet on the dvr works with another camera. I would really appreciate your help as there are no CCTV installers anywhere near me or I would have them fix it.



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