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Shopping for cameras -good shopping / feature sorting sites?

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Like the title says, I'm looking for some specific parameters but I haven't found a website with a comprehensive list that lets you tick features so you're not wasting your time seeing your dream camera only to find it doesn't have that one feature you need!


I'm going to be using a Synology NAS, and need H.265 compression, POE, outdoor, and a very wide angle such as 130 degrees on or about.


Does anyone have any good places I can try? Amazon and eBay both have the problem of not showing me the correct criteria and have to waste tons of time. Newegg has those great sorting features.... but only for computer components.

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look at some of the cctv specific sites advertised on this forum and check the synology specks to see what cameras and systems it supports. Look for a site that has tech support in house. most sites will have detailed camera specks or at least link you back to the mfg spek sheets. I do not want to name any dealers or sites but there are plenty of good ones that you can find with a little research.

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