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IP Camera Display Problem

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We have three XVison Pro HD Ip cameras and all were recording and displaying well until we had a power cut.


When the power came on one of the cameras just showed a black screen on our monitoring PC. We have checked what is being recorded and it is just a black screen with the XVision Pro HD logo.


We have


1. Replaced the network cable from the camera to the 4 port switch (twice)

2. Swapped the ports around in the switch (other cameras fine but still black screen on this camera)

3. Looked at the camera in the dark and we can see the red glow

4. There is power going to the camera and we can see lot's of activity on the switch by the per lights flashing just like the other cameras

5. Restarted the decoder that is plugged into the switch


And finally we restarted the router, the switch and the decoder and....... we now have two black cameras. Both black cameras have exactly the same problem.


The cameras are around three years old. Could they be faulty or is there something simple I am missing as we can see they are powered up.

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