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Freaking Spider webs

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I run a small motel and have a system that is comprised of a couple laptops running Ubuntu, using Zoneminder and I started out using nothing but Playstation 3 cameras... I had got up to 12 cameras... I started upgrading my system using IP cameras and am currently using 8 of the original Playstation 3 cameras and 8 Wansview W3 cameras.


So... I have a problem with spiderwebs invading my screens and I have tried mothballs and insecticides... but I recently discovered that you can install a separate IR Illuminator lamp a short distance from the IP cams and that will draw the insects that the spiders like away from your camera lens. The problem is... now I will double the amount of devices I have plugged in if I get a IR lamp for each camera.


I found a 4-way power splitter and figure that I can have 2 cameras and 2 IR lamps using one power source... now to the meat of my question......


if each camera has a power supply with an output of DC 12V and 100mA

and each IR lamp requires DC 12V 500mA


and the 4-way splitter supplies DC 12V 2A ... will it support 2 of my cameras and 2 of the IR lamps?

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no??? no to which? and can you explain why no?


if my addition is right, there would be a total of 600 mA for each Cam/IR lamp combo and only 2 of these combos would be able to connect to the 4 way power splitter, giving you a total of 1.2 A draw

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