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Urmet 1093/016 AHD Dvr hard reset

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Hi guys, so I've just installed a new Hikvision system for a customer as they had a change of staff 6 months ago, and only just realised thy didn't know the admin password. So, I now have an Urmet 1093/016 AHD to play with and re-sell if I can sort it.


Ive been in touch with Urmet, and their techs are going to log in tomorrow with teamviewer, but they are not sure they can sort it remotely, and have suggested to send unit back for reset. Which makes me think there must be pins on main board to reset, just wondering if anyone can advise? Save me sending it back


I am in Spain by the way, southern, and they want it sent back to Barcelona, which is doable, but im an impatient bugger and hate being beat.


Any advice welcome, and thanks in advance

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Hi ! have you solved the problem? have you found any procedure? I lost my password and I do not know how to reset

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