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Hikvision DS-7208 HQHI-F1 not working after firmware update

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I am using Hikvision DS-7208HQHI-F1 DVR with 8 cameras. Everything was fine for 1 year. I am working in UAE and system is installed at my home in India. Later my DVR stopped recording because of hard disk bad sectors. Then I was able to watch the live view only. After sometime, I lost network connection to my DVR and was not able to watch it through my mobile app. I contacted Hikvision support, they sent me a link to download new firmware. Later when I reach my home, i sent the hard disk for warranty replacement. And DVR was working without HDD. Then I thought upgrading the firmware. I upgraded it successfully, then rebooted. Then my DVR makes continuous long beep. I know it is because of no hard disk. And finally I received the new hard disk last day. But my DVR does not make any diaplay and keeps restarting. I just tried removing the hard disk connection, display came with camera view, but I was not able to use my mouse. And again DVR keeps restarting. I contacted Hikvsion support, but no response from them. Now I have only 10 days remaining before my travel. I need to fix . Please help.

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