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AVTECH AVD744 - Test Menu after reset

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Hi all,


Not sure how active this forum still is but if anyone can help me with the following it would be much appreciated!


My AVD744 crashed out of the blue and on restarting it just kept freezing with the cameras all showing in quad view but never started recording and didn;t appear to fully initialise.


I did a factory reset on the reset pins on the Motherboard and now on booting it goes to a test / diagnostics menu as follows:


1. Background record

2. Test Alarm

3. Test Motion

4. Test HDD

5. Test RTC

6. Test USB Port

7. Test RS-485

8. Test Security IC

9. Test IR

10. Test Call Monitor

11. Test DCC Boundary

12. Test DVD

13. Test Keyboard


I appear to be able to get it as far as 9. Test IR by skipping through the tests but it seems to freeze on this one and I can find no way to skip it using either the buttons on the unit or on the remote.


Has anyone had experience of this or know how to get through the tests / skip them - or boot without the tests after a reset?





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