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Remote not operating NVR

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I have a Q-See 16 channel NVR with 3 MP cameras and 3TB HD Model # QC8116-9V4-3.

Purchased from Costco 11/3/2014. Workes perfectly with 1 problem:


The remote will not operate the NVR. You can operate and switch cameras with the mouse but not the remote. This has just happened. I do not think it is the remote because i have

operated it at one of the cameras and the remote shows the blinking in the camera. It just will not control the NVR.



Could someone possibly tell me what they think the problem is? I have gone through the software and do not find anywhere that let's you change or set the remote. I thought it might be the eye in the NVR. If so can a place that fixes DVR's work on it?



I have called Q-See but they don't give you any help after your warranty has expired. They want you to send it to them for repairs but charge you what you can get a new one for.



Any helful advise will be certinally appreciated.




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