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NVR recommendations in 2018

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Okay so I will start by saying I personally hate all NVR software Why? their all either expensive or just plain garbage. I am looking for someone to guide me here.


Have been running xprotect essentials+ 2017 which was working great until I had an issue with the server an had to nuke the VM. so in the mean time I used zoneminder which I absolutely hated. the interface is worse than anything on earth but it helped me stay recording. so just sat down to try and re-install xprotect but the 2017 installer no longer works and the 2018 version just wont install. it needs like 8Gb of memory which is crazy considering 2017 only needed 2gb.


So I am now at a loss


I have dismissed the following


Xprotect (2018 is broken)

Zoneminder (kill it with fire)

Avigilon (nice but would have to re-mortgage the house to buy a single camera)

BlueIris (wasnt keen on it)

Luxriot (wont install in a VM)

March Command (not installing silverlight)

iSpy (awful UI)



My requirements are simple. I need 8 cameras. and have a mix of manufactures mainly Axis, Panasonic and Honeywell. I would like to use on camera motion detection if possible but not a huge requirement.


Am I missing something here? is the a free/cheap solution to my problem that is not junk. it seems all NVR/VMS software companies want is to charge the highest per camera price these days and the free offerings just feel like toys. I am only dealing with a home setup but I like to use quality hardware I am a proper geek and nothing I have seen seems to come close to being usable in a home unless I take out a loan for Avigilon or Exacq

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You could try Shinobi

It's still early in its dev life and it's rather fiddly still but it has potential

I personally prefer Blue Iris to Shinobi but things may change in the future.

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