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Hello, I'm new. Looking for recommendations

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I'm new here. I'm looking for recommendations for a low price, 4 to 6 camera system, that can be used outdoors. I would be installing this myself. I do have enough technical ability to do this. Ideally, I want to have the ability to monitor via PC or mobile phone. Cloud storage capability is not required. A standard NVR or just PC storage would suffice. Wired or wireless would work. My primary requirement for this system is to have motion detection ability at a range from 50 to 150 feet. The location is a small marina on a lake that my parents own. My father just passed away, and my elderly mother still lives there. I live 20 minutes or so away, but I work a lot and I want to keep tabs on the place. I had just tried out an Arlo Wire-Free system. Had a great picture and great accessibility via smartphone app and pc, but no detection range at all. Where I work at for my 2nd job is a retail store with a multi-camera system (inside and outside). They use LTS cameras. I was told that the ones on the front of the store can pick up traffic on the road in front of the store, which is around 150' from the cameras. But this is a high end system. I've looked at many different systems online (Amazon, eBay, etc.), but none of them give the range of motion detection, only the night time visibility range. Any recommendations?


Thanks much!

Barry H.

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