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Securing Hikvision DVR from external access

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I am installing a Hikvision DS-7316HQHI-SH Hybrid DVR and 16 TVI cameras at a library. No other cameras will be installed.


The DVR will be connected to the libraries LAN for the purpose of supplying video to four iVMS-4200 clients set up on four PCs within the confines of the library. Their LAN does have a path to the internet.


The only external network access required for the DVR will be for a time server to maintain time sync.


As remote viewing will not be required, I want to secure the DVR against external access. My question is how to best configure the network settings of the DVR to achieve this.


Any suggestions appreciated.





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If you or anyone else can work out how to secure Hikvision then please let Hikvision know. They would be delighted to hear from you. They are in big trouble at the moment.

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