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TECHview QV3157 DVR - No Motion Sensing on IP?

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Hi team, I have been unable to set up motion based recording with this unit, and am seeking help.


The setup (fortunately on my bench at the moment) is as follows:


DVR TECHview QV3157 with TECHview QC3133 2MP IP cameras.


TECHview is the Jaycar house brand, and the equipment is manufactured by RaySharp China.


The symptoms:

The DVR can see and display the cameras, normal recording recording works.

Motion triggered recording does not work. The DVR does not detect any motion.


What I've tried:

Every combination of recording schedule "Alarm, Normal, Motion" in case Motion recording requires another method at the same time.


Result: Normal records continuously, Normal + Motion records continuously, but doesn't detect motion, or display motion records in the playback. Same for Normal + Motion + Alarm or Normal + Alarm.

Motion, or Motion + Alarm doesn't ever record.


I've tried varying the video streaming to lower picture size, and it only supports one frame rate for this camera.


I've tried monitoring the entire image, and varying the detection area down to a small section.




The camera (I'm down to testing with a single camera at this stage) can stream in H.264 or H.265.


The DVR can only see the camera if it is set to H.264

The protocal is set to Private, if I set the DVR to connect to the cameras via Onvif, the DVR cannot see the camera at all.


So far, my requests for firmware updates from Jaycar and RaySharp have not been answered.


I'm beginning to suspect that the software is just not capable of monitoring the IP channels for motion, even though the user interface allows their selection.


To add to my frustration, the cameras are sensing motion just fine, and have a bunch of higher end functions that the DVR doesn't seem to know about. (Threshold detection, object detection etc.)


Can anyone assist with the minimal setup required to get a TECHview DVR to recognise motion?


I'm at my wit's end.

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