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Caution re Lorex HD camera

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I am posting here to try to get some advise to an ongoing problem I have with a brand new Lorex NVR system (bought last Christmas). I have spent well over a thousand dollars on both the install and for this Flir/Lorex equipment that does not function.


I have also spent tens and tens of hours on many, many calls to what is called Lorex support. I have had multiple Lorex technicians remote into my system to do the same thing over and over again without any improvement. I admit some of the early newby calls on system setup were resolved by level 1 support ok. But when it came to the missing events it became just repetitious tweek this or tweek that without success.


I have talked to people who posed as managers, and even a "Technical Tier 3" manager. I demonstrated the problem to the "Tier 3" manager while he was on my system but he fails to put that in his report, only that I did not persist in troubleshooting the problem by getting my 68 year old ass up on a ladder to my second floor to take down a camera that I paid to have installed, so he could see how it works when mounted lower. I thought he was f'in crazy. He did not report to his office that I demonstrated, and he observed the problem of failure to mark an event but he only told them that I did not help him diagnose the problem. He said my cameras were installed properly where they are, as that is a question I wanted cleared up from the beginning. In fact they work fine except with this one Important problem. I don't know what else I can do. Should I put up a sign asking intruders to please be sure to run past my cameras when they go to kick in my door so they will mark an event as they should.


To get right to the point, the problem is that multiple , I have seen this with 3 of 4 of my cameras and probable the last one too (if I wanted to waste even more time then I already have), FAIL to mark an EVENT when an intruder walks into the zone. But if the motion is quick, a person running, then it works ok. It will usually catch UPS or cars coming in at a quick pace but if a car come slowly up my driveway and backs back down it wont mark an event for that either.


They wont give me a refund because it is more that 6 months. But they know I have been working with them for at least that long! One trick they do is to close your existing incident number and issue a new one when you call back in so it looks like separate incidents that have been resolved. This practice disgusts me.


So Please Help! Similar experiences. Past experiences with Lorex. Even opinions! The only reason I bought their equipment was I saw they were bought out by Flir whom I respected as a company. But now, to me this doesn't say much about Flir.


My equipment is ;

4K Ultra HD IP NVR system with 4 Outdoor 4K 8MP IP Cameras, 250ft Night Vision


NVR model NR900

The bullet camera is LNB8973


I see Lorex recently came out with a new HP camera with Sony sensor. Could the reason be because they know about the problem with my camera model?


Any suggestions would be helpful. Right now I am out a lot of money on a system that does not protect my home. Since this if my first system I don't exactly what to expect from it or support.





my camera may in fact have the Sony sensor as best I can tell from looking at Lorex’s web site.


That may account for the problem and it may just need a patch for their firmware.


As I said before, otherwise I like the picture quality of these cameras and the system in general. But at any sensitivity even at 100 they just don’t work. I have never been known to be politically correct, but some times their support to me has been like working with a third world country. They just don’t have that can do attitude. So what is your solution Lorex?

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Hi. Lorex or flur don't own the company as of this year.


But the system is still made and sold by dahua who now own lorex.



Your system sounds like a basic setup problem. But to start to try and help you need to give more detail on your setup.


Distance from camera to motion area


Are you on h264 or h265


Size of hard drive (did you install HD or did it come fitted)


What settings did you put into pre and post alarm


Is your motion set at camera or NVR


Do you have same problem with day and night recordings


How are you looking at your alerts (with NVR or smart pss)



Can you post some pictures of your camera view

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