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DVR processor heatsink fans

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Got the repaired Lorex NVR power supply back from my friend. Works great! He replaced a LOT of things, out of an abundance of "just to be sure" concerns.


It appears that when the processor fan (not the PS fan) shaft broke the motor jammed, triggering a sequence of events burning out a resistor and an IC. I replaced the processor fan, but it is of the same design, e.g., plastic (Nylon probably) shaft. It's a 45x45mm heatsink 2-wire 12v fan. I'm now looking for a better quality fan... ball bearing, steel shaft, quiet. There are dozens of 45x4 2-wire heatsink fans, but all in the $2-10 range and looking suspiciously like the OE fan... junk.


A larger fan might fit since there are 4 other mounting holes in the board on what looks like 2" (probably 50mm) centers.


Any ideas where I can find a better fan?

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