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  1. jag_man653

    Lorex LNR failure

    Or, perhaps you meant alternative DVRs. I looked around a bit but didn't find anything that would be sure to work with my existing cameras... other than a Lorex 4K model they recommended. I think they would have given me a good deal had I gone that route, but was not able to get them to tell me my replacement cost up front. I probably would have gone that route had the repairs not worked.
  2. jag_man653

    Lorex LNR failure

    Glad to share. The power supply is available here: http://www.pchub.com/uph/laptop/1320-166755-47770/Delta-Electronics-DPS-200PB-185-Server-Power-Supply.html# As I recall, they are refurbished, for about US$100 plus shipping. In my case, a very kind person from the Electronics forum was able to fix mine. It was not easy. If you are willing & able to do component-level repairs... replacing resistors, capacitors, ICs, he might be willing to guide you. He and I believe the failure began when the processor heatsink fan shaft broke, locking the rotor, and taking out the power supply components. I replaced the that fan with an identical fan, but then removed it and found a high quality fan from Noctura, NF-A4x10 5V PWM. Let me know if you have any questions. Ed
  3. Got the repaired Lorex NVR power supply back from my friend. Works great! He replaced a LOT of things, out of an abundance of "just to be sure" concerns. It appears that when the processor fan (not the PS fan) shaft broke the motor jammed, triggering a sequence of events burning out a resistor and an IC. I replaced the processor fan, but it is of the same design, e.g., plastic (Nylon probably) shaft. It's a 45x45mm heatsink 2-wire 12v fan. I'm now looking for a better quality fan... ball bearing, steel shaft, quiet. There are dozens of 45x4 2-wire heatsink fans, but all in the $2-10 range and looking suspiciously like the OE fan... junk. A larger fan might fit since there are 4 other mounting holes in the board on what looks like 2" (probably 50mm) centers. Any ideas where I can find a better fan?
  4. jag_man653

    PoE camera current draw

    A while back the power supply failed in my Lorex PoE home security system. With a lot of help from a friend, the PS is now working. I.e., correct voltage on both outputs (12v & 52v), PS and processor fans spinning, front panel power light on, a few LEDs on the board on. Now I want to proceeded cautiously just in case something else in the system was the cause of the PS failure. By question is, what are the chances that one of the 8 cameras caused the fault? IOW, is there a know camera failure mode or Ethernet cable that woud blow out the poswr supply?
  5. jag_man653

    Lorex LNR failure

    Actually, the failed power supply is now in the hands of a competent electronics repair person from the Electronics forum who volunteered. He's waiting for an IC sourced from China. In the meanwhile, I'm looking for alternatives just in case.
  6. My 3 year old Lorex NVR (IP) has failed. Thought I'd look into alternatives before buy a new one from Lorex. The question is whether my existing cameras will work with another brand/model IP NVR. That seems to hinge on whether the Lorex LNB3143R is ONVIF. Lorex seems to prefer not telling me, so how do I find out?
  7. jag_man653

    Lorex LNR failure

    My Lorex LNR 4082 failed after 3 years. Lorex can't/won't repair it. They want me to buy a newer 4K LNR for $500. Before I do that I'd like to look into alternatives. Any ideas? Naturally, I'd like to keep the existing cameras.