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IP cams recommendation needed

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We recently called on to bid for a job , it's a place of worship and got vandalised 4 time including damaged property, maybe related to current toxic politics, anyhow the place has hdtvi cams installed around the premises which did not capture good images in the very low light environment since the parking lights are programed to go off after mid night and some smaller lights are on.


Can any of you guys have any recommendations for good IP cams which work well in very low light giving good pictures and also can try n capture a license plate or any other identifiable properties off the vehicle entering , leaving or individuals committing these crimes.

Will appreciate any reliples or recommendations

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Dear Siiak,


'got vandalised 4 time including damaged property' is really serious...

We do have some ip cameras that you can have a try to try them for free.

Wifi IP camera, Wired PoE IP cameras are available, clear night vision and remote viewing,

Pm me if you are interested to have a try.


Good night,


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You haven't yet received much other input, so I'll take a shot at it. Caveat: I am new to this. What I relate is entirely from what I've read, not from personal experience, much less expertise.


From my reading, the low-light IP camera to beat is the Dahua HDW5231R-ZE 2MP Starlight.


I've read license plates are tricky, especially at night. It is my understanding special cameras, optimized for license-plate reading, and mounted low, are required. I understand they're expensive.


That's all I have for you. Good luck.

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