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ANPR Whitelist management

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Hi All,

I'm in need of some advice re whitelists and ANPR if anyone can help...

We are almost ready to install a Hikvision darkfighter camera with the ANPR firmware installed etc

The final piece of the jigsaw is administering the whitelist. The whitelist will be changing on a daily basis and I'm desperately trying to make the admin of uploading a new file each day slightly easier - at weekends there maybe inexperienced staff on duty who could struggle or may not have the correct security priviledges etc.

Ideally I need a solution where the whitelist function looks at either a local file that can be overwritten each day or a csv in the cloud perhaps, or sql...

It would be handy to push a notification to management where a blacklisted plate or plate not categorized is captured.

I'm thinking that opensource would be good to keep the cost down but it also needs to be reliable - perhaps one of the free/cheaper access control platforms?

Any help would be gratefully received

Many thanks in advance

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