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Analog DVR to encode feed into IP feed

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Over the years I've acquired/purchased several analog cameras. Right now I have 30+ analog cameras, some Dahua 4.3MP ones, as well as few of the 12MP pucks. I also have several of the HikVision IP cameras. I have 2 of the 16 channel IC Realtime analog DVRs, 2x HikVision 8CH IP NVRs, as well as a smaller 4 channel Luma NVR.

I'm trying to unify everything into a single, recorded and easily viewable (thru HDMI) interface. 

I'm wondering if there is an analog DVR that would accept BNC inputs and output IP streams that I can then feed (LAN) into a 64 or 128 Channel NVR. Or, is the analog-to-IP encoder still a way to go?

During one of the Expo shows I've attended, sales pukes talked about being able to have multiple recording devices that would pass the streams among themselves due to geographical layouts. The idea was to have several, local cameras feed local NVRs or DVRs that would then over LAN connect to the main hub (master NVR) which would then spit out all the channels on a single HDMI output (monitor, TV, PJ, what have you). Of cause, as soon as I started asking details, the sales pukes didn't have the answers and while promising to get back to me, never actually did. 

Any info and details on this will be greatly appreciated.

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