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I have several locations that have analog cameras. I want to change out all the old DVRs with new one's and connect them to the net. I haven't purchased DVRs for a few years, so when I search my old supplier apexcctv I find it difficult to find the DVRs I am looking for. Basically I need 8 channel analog dvr with dyndns Apple / android compatibility reasonably priced. Any suggestion ?


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Hi. Guillermo. 

Apex is a member of the forum .........if your systems are a few years old I think you will have the avermedia systems.


so as you are not wasting money I would surgest  five in one 5mp hybrid recorders. 

Analog cameras are not used anymore so a 5 in 1 recorder will allow you to use your existing cameras and allow you to change them as they go  down.  to all formats on the market now.


i would look at TVT units

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